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Report - The roof of Кудринская, Moscow. May 2015


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Designed by Mikhail Posokhin (Sr.) and Ashot Mndoyants, The 5th of Stalins 7 Sisters stands 160 metres tall, 22 floors (18 usable in the wings and 22 in the central part).
The building was primarily built with high-end apartments for Soviet cultural leaders rather than politicians.
Today a mix of the rich and famous reside in the tower although several floors are reported to contain offices for the FSB and other 'authorities'.
Apparently it's within earshot of a certain Embassy.

We (wea5el and FieldyM) only found this last part out after our excursion.

And so without further ado and in no particular order .........







Nope, I didn't. I lost my bottle and used my blue and white checked shirt as the excuse.



The Ministry of Foreign Things


It's a tad 'zingy' I know.
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:D You saw the star, thats closer than me, I stopped the level below and that was more than high enough!