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Report - The Sale Hotel - Nov 2010


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Visited by Sho and Jules.

Having been pretty much grounded from my usual excursions by awful weather I decided to go local for a change.:thumb

I had been watching this place for some time and had been surprised at how secure it was for its size and location. I’d tried to pull several moves in the past to get in but in the end I just had to wait it out. Thankfully, it opened up just at the right time and saved me from boredom on this wet and rainy afternoon.

The Sale Hotel was built in 1878. Formerly part of a nineteenth-century botanical garden complex, known as Moorfields and as Sale Botanic Gardens, which included a lake, cycle track and grass tennis courts and was built to rival Manchester's Belle Vue and Pomona Gardens.

The Sale Hotel, back in better days.

..Back in the 1900s.

The gardens closed in 1896 and the Hotel is now all that remains of this bold, but unsuccessful initiative. Allegedly the world's first pneumatic-tyre bicycle race was held here and the Manchester Wheelers' cycle club met here too.

The curious tower on the hotel was a vantage point over the gardens. The complex also boasted a ballroom which allegedly held 5000 people. The building became a public house throughout its later life, going through various internal transformations along the way.

Over the last few years the Pub suffered from the effects of the smoking ban, recession and bad management resulting in its closure in early 2009. Due to the modifications made to the building over the last century is was not listed and soon after closure faced demolition.







A huge local campaign backed by over 1500 Sale residents ran during the summer of 2009. Then in August, The MP for Sale East announced the news that the Sale Hotel was to be saved and hailed it as a victory for local people.

The minister had confirmed that in view of compelling new evidence about the architectural and historical importance of the building, it was now to be listed.
Trafford Council issued a Building Preservation Notice to prevent the demolition of the building until the formal decision to list was taken by English Heritage.




A seriously dark picture.

Down to the cellar!




Plans to Re-open the Sale Hotel by Hungry Horse Pubs were put forward and approved by local planning last winter but since then nothing has happened apart from the building slowly deteriorating. This place definitely needs saving now if it’s going to survive!

Upper floors.

Upstairs featured private bars and function rooms with dancefloors as well as the hotel rooms.










Up the tower!





This building bears a lot of history for my family, who came from sale and all drank here at various stages of their lives. I’ve always known this building and it was one of the first pubs I ever came to when I was younger. It’s very sad to see such a beautiful place get wasted like this.

Sorry the pics ain't the best. Conditions were bad and I’ve suffered a recent equipment setback which I’ve not had the money to rectify yet.

Still..Thanks for reading.:)​
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This is great, so nostalgic seeing the pub I used to walk past everyday to get to school. I lived on the road next to it and have great memories of messing about in the car park with my mates, before getting kicked out countless times :p
Nice report man


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Thanks for sharing sho,I remember going here back in 89 or 90 with 3 friends and getting refused,they "didnt like our type"?? maybe it was the bright blue shell suits we were wearing ?:D

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