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Report - The Savoy Buildings, Southsea - 09/09/2010


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The Savoy Buildings opposite South Parade Pier housed all kinds of delights for holidaymakers in Southsea in the decades after the 2nd World War. There were cafeterias, seafront shops, bars with live music and best of all, upstairs a beautiful ballroom with huge windows overlooking the sea, a balcony and two stages.

But the ballroom did not only attract holidaymakers. During the 1950s in particular, many local people danced away the weekends to the best local and visiting dance bands. Among those who entertained the crowds were the bands of Ted Heath, Joe Loss, Nat Gonella & his Georgians, Johnny Dankworth, John Barry, Eric Delaney, Stan Kenton. The best of the local dance bands also entertained there during midweek or, on the second stage when the bigger acts were in town. These local dance bands were led by Johnny Lyne, Syd Dean and at the Savoy in particular, Benny Freedman - a local music teacher.
The site is about 80 years old, and was most recently Time and Envy and Joanna's nightclubs. Harry Redknapp bought the site in early 2007 and began demolition on the "eyesore" to make way for 92 new flats. Halfway through demolition in mid July that year, the property market crashed, and half of the site (Joanna's nightclub and the apartments above) still remains.

I will go back soon and get some shots of the nightclub itself and post them on this report, this was a fairly rushed explore.

The Photo's:

1. A shot from the outside of the Building.

2. One of the many hallways in the apartments.

3. A personal favourite of one of the apartment doors.

4. A room where the carpet had been pulled up and piled in the middle.

5. A pigeon that I thought was a crow sitting on a door in the hallway.

6. Staircase to the upper apartments.

7. A Garrard Record Player/Radio in the "70's apartment".

8. An ashtray on the mantle in the "70's apartment".

9. Some sort of power cable/switch to a loading bay outside the nightclub/apartments.

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