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Report - The second tallest elevator testing building in Europe

Alex Iacob

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Nicolae Ceaușescu wanted to check the elevators before installing them in the Palace of the Parliament from Bucharest. Because the elevator test tower in 1972 was only 37 meters high, he ordered to build another tower, with 37 meters taller than the German tower from Schneider (77 meters). The elevators in the Palace would run through some wells as deep as it sank into the ground to the fallout shelter. So the IFMA Tower(Intreprinderea de Fabricație și Montaj Ascensoare - Elevators anufacturing and assembling enterprise), near North Train Station, was built for the safety of the Communist leader. It's known as the second highest lift testing tower in Europe (114 meters, 23 floors). Since 1986 many people worked hard to uplift the area of 400 square meters. Today is one of the safest places in Romania to be in an earthquake. There are many rehabilitation plans, but lack of money seems to be the only obstacle. Anyway, the huge concrete is now used to support banners of a Romanian businessman, Ion Țiriac, owner of the building since 1990. At the top of the tower there are numerous radio and television broadcast antennas, Internet and GSM.



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