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Report - The Steampunk Rust Hatchery - DE '12


Germany is the "wurst"
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In short, one of the most spectacular "little rust" places I've had the privilege to check out.

Yet another product of Störfaktor's seemingly bottomless bag of awesomeness, this former power plant served a paper mill somewhere off in the woods. The specifics aren't really that interesting - someone built it, they made paper, it got too outdated and expensive to run, their location sucked, things were cheaper to make elsewhere, it shut down, it rusted.

It's a weird contrast; parts of it are utterly thrashed and tagged to shit, others are torn down and replaced by soulless aluminum-sided sheds. The few neighbors don't seem to mind, I assume they're more taken in by the beautiful pastoral forest pond right next to it.

We went through myriad contortions getting inside, including yet another "I'm-too-old-for-this-shit" moment wading through the world's largest patch of stinging fucking nettles. Protip: don't wipe your hands on your trousers afterwards. Maybe we overthought things, because on the way out we just said "fuck it", hopped the fence, smiled at the workers having a smoke outside, and drove off.

As usual, I failed to heed D's admonition to not spend too much time in the first hall, a light-flooded monstrosity of broken machines and colored glass - thus leaving us precious little time to go check out the real treasures.

Gotta go back, I guess.











For anyone interested, I got a pretty cool pano together here but I can't shake the feeling that somehow the focus is munged...