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Report - The Tees Transporter bridge – Middlesbrough - December 2015

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The History

The idea of a transporter bridge across the River Tees was first mooted in 1872 when Charles Smith, Manager of the Hartlepool Iron Works, submitted a scheme to Middlesbrough Corporation. However the scheme was not pursued and it would not be until the new century that the idea of a transporter bridge across the river would again be revisited. Following a 1907 Act of Parliament the Bridge was built at a cost of £68,026 6s 8d (£6,430,000 in 2014 values) by Sir William Arrol & Co. of Glasgow between 1910 and 1911 to replace the 'Hugh Bell' and 'Erimus' steam ferry services. A transporter bridge was chosen because Parliament ruled that the new scheme of crossing the river had to avoid affecting the river navigation. The foundation stones, made of Aberdeen granite, were laid by Mayor of Middlesbrough Thomas Gibson-Poole and Alderman Joseph McLauchlan, the initiator of the transporter bridge scheme.

The opening ceremony on 17 October 1911 was performed by Prince Arthur of Connaught.

The Tees Transporter Bridge, often referred to as the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge or affectionately referred to as 'The Tranny’ is the furthest downstream bridge across the River Tees, England. It connects Middlesbrough, on the south bank, to Port Clarence, on the north bank. It is a transporter bridge, carrying a travelling 'car', or 'gondola', suspended from the bridge, across the river in 90 seconds. The gondola can carry 200 people, 9 cars, or 6 cars and one minibus. It carries the A178 Middlesbrough to Hartlepool road. Locally the bridge is often referred to simply as 'the Transporter'.

The Tees Transporter Bridge has an overall length (including cantilevers) of 851 feet (259 m), leaving a span between the centres of the towers of 590 feet (180 m), the beam of the bridge being carried at a height of 160 feet (49 m) above the road. The bridge is the longest remaining transporter bridge in the world.

The bridge is currently owned by Middlesbrough Council and Stockton-On-Tees Borough Council. Middlesbrough Council has control of the day-to-day operations and maintenance. In 2011 the Tees Transporter Bridge received a £2.6m Heritage Lottery Fund award for improvement and renovation work to mark the Bridge's centenary. The improvement works include the installation of a glass viewing lift to the landmark's upper walkway and renovation of the gondola. The bridge was closed on 27 August 2013 for 40 days repainting. It was then discovered that repairs were needed. The bridge was re-opened for traffic on 6 April 2015. The "improvement works" are "still in hand".

The bridge is a Grade II* Listed Building, and other elements, such as its Winch House, piers, railings and gates are Grade II listed.

The Explore

Yet another in @slayaaaa and myselfs madcap road trips ( 600 miles for the benefit of the tape lol ) we found ourselves up in Middlesbrough and this monster caught out eyes along with another bridge further down the river, See the separate report for that one. We just happened to pic one of the windiest nights for ages to climb this. Luckily it wasn’t too bad and had various ladders and platforms up the side of it. Although these didn’t help with the wind situation. Once we got to the top the views where pretty awesome and it was great to walk over the river on the top of the bridge.

In fact we went back the next day to get some daytime shots and to have a look in the museum. The museum itself is worth a look and is very interesting. We got chatting to the curator and he was a pretty nice guy. We did ask if we could go up the bridge, he was very apologetic and said that due to the winds it wasn’t safe to go up it. I could hear @slayaaaa giggling as I said to the guy “it’s such a shame I’d love to climb it” lol

Enjoy the pics














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At least they"ve re-painted it in original colours & it"s got a safe Deck :thumb

last time i called up they were Bungee-jumping off it (as it turned out) i just heard someone scream and fall as i got out of the car ......was a :eek: moment

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Horrendous exploring cunt......
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We did it about 10:30 at night and never saw a soul