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Report - The Tornado 30/03/10


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After my 10 day holiday from a jet fighter accident down in London, aimed at taking my mind off things, I drove back north, but, as soon as I started to see roadsigns headed 'the north' my mind went straight back onto what I'd been trying to forget about. Fail :/

So rang up Dempsey at short notice, and we headed out on y-town in search of new stuff.

The first few ideas rolled past, then a certain train yard came up in converstation. mmmm, sounds like it might contain something good. lets do that then!


Kettle Kreep

Rounding the corner of the building we spotted 2 coachs, bah, not very interesting them like was the comment, then as we moved further around, we both clapped eyes on the BR green tender of the newly built A1 class mainline steam engine built @ the darlo works 'Tornado'

We couldn't believe what we had stumbled upon. Not only how epicly beautiful she was in her own right, but the fact she was being steamed up right then infront of us ready for work the next day.


creeping on you, creeping on me, creeping on her, SHIT just burn't my finger, the bitch is HAUGHT

We nervously approached the green beast, expecting workers to bust out of the nearest door at any second. Neither of us were carrying digital cameras, we both had 35mm films, each loaded with colour & B&W respectively. As we crouched down behind the front bogie of the loco, I quietly reached out for my tripod and camera and started setting up shots. I only took 5 or 6 frames as my creativity was just shot to hell by the rapidly boiling locomotive. We both moved around the Tornado, not really sure what to make of it, beasty as it was, being caught and potentially fisted for rail trespass (or live site) was only ever seconds away, and our exit was far from quick or simple.


Touching her bra(ss), its hot, liek 80degrees hot, and I so desperatly needed to pull her levers and tweak her gauges...

Standing on the footplate, opening the furnace, felt the heat pouring out of the thing, felt the warmth of ALL the surrounding metal & controls. It was amazing. A real amazing feeling to be here, especialy since it wasn't planned. Spontanous stuff is by far the best :Not Worthy


61 years of experience with the body of a 19year old - but which lever to pull?

I can imagine this is what it would have been like back before 1960 when small boys would sneak into the mainline roundhouses in the early hours of the morning whilst the locos were being steamed up. Its certainly an experience very few people will ever have again, and that is a great shame.

Between the previous photo and the next, both of us were standing by the right side connecting rods, there was a lubricator, with the top flap open, she'd just been refilled, and there was a filthed up grease cloth just lying there. Dempsey walked over, looked at the lubricator for a few seconds, then picked up the oil cloth, slyly glanced about, then took a good deep snort of its oily goodness. He looked around again, then returned it to its connecting rod position. He walked away.
Seconds later, I wondered over to the same lubricator valve, picked up the same cloth, made sure he was not looking, slyly looked behind me as if to check for workers, then took my fill of its oily fresh goodness for myself. I returned it to its lubricator position, then stepped back and exclaimed..
'WTF, WTF, I mean WTF, what are we doing, this is messed up the to max!' We both burst out in hysterics, twas mega! I mean most guys would take akin to their girlfriends scent on clothing, thats *almost* normal! (4/10 guys according to UK stats!) But us, WTF, snorting up on used oil cloths, weird to the MAX!


sexclass1949a - REPRESENT!

We were only there for 15minutes, but it felt like a lot longer, with every knock from inside the main building, every creak from the boiler as she warmed through we were still on edge, ready to be packed up camera gear and putting legs on it. Thankfully, that need never came.


Me, Shot by Dempsey on sexy as you like ilford delta100

There were also some more in medium format, but the excitement was too much and they were motion blurred to hell, but it didn't matter, we'd done it, though neither of us are really that interested in kettles, the draw of a bit of live infil on a brand new one of a kind steam loco during steam was not a chance to be turned up.

To all those hatorz out there, no damage or heavy petting of the loco took place, nought was taken, nought was left, and we were totally unseen. Knowing how much effort, time & peoples personal time has gone into building this monster, it really was a treat to behold, a real triumph of British determination, grit & bloodyminded'ness. Well done fellas ;)


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