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Lead or Rumour info - The Tower Ballroom - Edgbaston


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Recently ive noticed the Tower Ballroom at Edgbaston Reservoir in Birmingham is drenched in graffiti. Did a but of googling and it turns out the recent rumours of its closure are true. The Tower is now permanently closed and abandoned. Just thought i’d let interested parties know incase they want to check it out. Not sure if theres a way to get in as i have not observed the area around it.


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I haven’t been up in Edgbaston for a while since I lived there. May pop up that way soon for a recce.


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No, ive had a few looks and people have clearly been having a go at it but not caught it at the right moment. All you can do is keep going and checking. Im sure it will come open as its not very well looked after.