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Report - The Towers - Hamstead Heath - September 2018


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(Sorry for bad photos, iPhone pics, and my old laptop wont let me load lightroom anymore so only a couple are edited)

The Towers is one of 16 abandoned mansions on London's 'Billionaires Row'. The road itself has about 60 houses, which are mostly owned by random arabs. I stole this off the net which explains why *some* of them have ended the way they have

[Explaining how the House of Saud owns 10 empty mansions] "Land Registry records show the portfolio was assembled between 1989 and 1993, around the time Saddam Hussein's sabre rattling in the Gulf threatened the House of Saud. The deal on the boltholes was brokered by Rafic Hariri, the future prime minister of Lebanon, who at that time was working as a Saudi envoy, sources familiar with the transaction say. Five identical mansions were snapped up for £1.5m each along with the palatial Tower – built on the site of the former home of the 1940s film star Gracie Fields – and three neighbouring mansions. But after Saddam was beaten back, the Saudis let dilapidation take hold." I am a bit confused with the the build date for The Towers, but I believe it was sometime around the 1970s. Kudos to whoever built it for building it in a proper Victorian style like any good home should be.

The road is now more occupied by german shepherds and secca vans than people. The road has been rather quiet on the reporting front, and I wonder if thats because this place is just totally empty. I am surprised the YouTube goons haven't been there yet "We got chased by SPOOKY noise in ABANDONED MANSION owned by saudi KING!!o_Oo_O" - in any case, it's now in the hands of a developer with an eye to do it up.

The house itself is just empty and decaying, the front door area reminided me of something rather Khardashian. There are about 4 rooms on the ground floor, because they are all about a mile wide, building a house in that style but giving it such large rooms seemed a bit vulgar. There appears to have been some attempt to rewire some of it, and some parts are freshly plastered. In other places, water has come through and created an unusal hybrid of what I could only really describe as 'brand new derelict'. Will be interesting to see what happens to this street over time.



(I loved how all the webs in the corners looked)









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Funny, never understood why said Arabs didn't leave someone in them with free rent. It wouldn't have spiralled into decay.
Horrid house though, in poor taste imo.


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It reminds me of those huge soulless American houses built with more money than taste and consideration of character.


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It reminds me of those huge soulless American houses built with more money than taste and consideration of character.
I know. I walked around this place in about 5 minutes. Mountfeld house is smaller and takes hours to do.


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I've been looking into this road for a while, wasn't aware there are as many as 16 abandoned homes on the road

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