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Report - The Towers - Leicester - 2008-14

Mr Sam

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I guess im almost old enough to remember this place open and even came across an escaped patient once walking in the road (long before mobiles) eventually a car stopped with an inboard phone to call for help, post closure i think i first checked the area out in 2007/8 just wandering the exterior we got lucky once or twice on the scaffolding for a closer look at the conversion, i missed out on another chance visit to the hall and a few corridors but finally got to see whats left earlier in the year, although i must stress its totally sealed and best avoided now!

The Towers Hospital, a distinctive red brick Victorian building, first opened in September 1869 as the Leicester Borough Lunatic Asylum. Its name was changed to mental hospital in 1912 and became the Towers Hospital early in 1947.

It was originally an asylum and housed 1,000 mental health patients and, during the 1960s, about 6,000 outpatients.
visited with MD, Goldie87 and others over the years



















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Love the report and pics, love the slab in your Flickr album aswell, Hopefully I'll get to have a look around one day if I travel through before it's all gone.


A life backwards
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Very nice. :)

Pic. 3 is about as far as we managed to get earlier this year :(

Will Knot

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Hey there Mr Sam, still keepin' busy with the boys then......nice report and great pics mate....thanks for sharin' :thumb

Olly Stabler

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I should check out the towers at some point... I heard they were fully locked down though, so might just leave it.


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literally just discovered this place, if anybody is planning a visit to the towers hospital in leicester please let me know i would love to join you very interested in visiting the site and anything else around leicester

Oxygen Thief

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Also, seeing as every other asylum is in a pretty poor way or non-existent, I'm surprised this hasn't had more traffic. Or am I?


Dirty Donker
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I read something about this place the other day but couldn't remember where I read it in so decided to do a quick search online. There is a guided ghost hunt being held here in April 2015. Some people will do anything to make money as £59.00 seems quite steep when people have been mooching around for free without the need of a guide/tour and they probably stayed longer than the tour will be.

More information can be found here.