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Report - The Town Hall Cinema - Pontypridd - April 2011


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What a god forsaken place this little town was but what a gem we found lurking in its heart! This was one of those places i could tell was going to be amazing the second i glimpsed it on the horizon. Although my photos do not really illustrate it too well it is a truly unique and strange building.. The theatre actually sits perched upon a covered market that, although still in full use seems like its about to collapse any second! It has no frontage and no architectural merit externally, just a big grey concrete box draped in rusty barbed wire and years worth of moss and small saplings growing for every orifice.. Just what you want in your town centre!?

We only had limited time inside, so the photos only cover the main areas but as you can see the place is a true time warp. Its easily one of the best ive set foot in (i seem to say that a lot lately!) So many stones left unturned as well!

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A large theatre, seating c. 1,700, built by the Pontypridd Market and Town Hall Company over a pre-existing fruit and vegetable market. The site is hemmed in by lanes and narrow alleys so that the structure has no obvious front and principal entrance. Inside, the theatre is dark and much neglected, with simple wall coverings boxing off the original Victorian features.












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a facebook group has been set up to save Pontypridd Town Hall, they have used the above pictures to show what it looks like inside.

Robert Edmunds

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Hi Speed (Adam Slater)

I have started a campaign to Save Pontypridd Town Hall and I was hoping that I might be able to use the photographs that you took of the inside of the building. It will really help. Please could you let me know if this would be possible please? I will credit you and the website fully whenever they are used. If you could contact me as soon as possible at savepontytownhall@gmail.com I would really appreciate it.

Many thanks
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