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Report - The Viscountess' villa - Portugal, Sept 2014


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Here's my first report (or my first attempt to submit one). I hope that everything's more or less according the rules and sorry if something's not.

Some weeks ago I have the chance to visit this villa that I had seen many time before in other urbex blogs and so. A little bit of history about it:

The Viscountess' villa, the name by which it is known, is a stately mansion with a coat of arms on the walls. A famous Portuguese architect designed it at the beginning of the 20th century.

The man who built the house was the son of a pharmacist who travelled to Brazil when he was still a teenager. Legend says that when he was there he got very sick and was cured by the Indians of the South of the country. He get well and open a pharmaceutical lab where improve the traditional drugs that had cured him. He earned a lot of money with this and got married and had six kids.

After he became a widow, he decided to go back to Portugal, to his hometown. There he fall in love with the sister of the doctor and got married again. He kept traveling to Brazil for his business and to see his kids, but they were very generous with the Portuguese king, Manuel II, who gave them the rank of viscount.

When they decided to build this mansion near his wife old home, the people of the area call it the Viscountess' villa. After the couple died, none of their children wanted to take care of the building. One of the grandsons finally bought it, but he refuse to sell it to no one outside the family. It has been abandoned for more than 30 years now.

Even if compared with other reports there are a lot of things gone, the house is still pretty huge (basement, three floors and a small chapel on the side) and full of interesting things to check. Entering was quite easy, just passing a not so big fence and a door which is not blocked guides you into the basement.

Here are some pictures that I take. Hope you like them guys.




















Once again, I'm sorry if there are some mistakes (and mostly for my bad english).

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Re: The Viscountess' villa (Portugal) (September 2014)

Pretty good report that is.....great pics, thanks for sharin' :thumb