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Report - The Vortigern Caves, Margate 03/05/10


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I bloody loved this place! Cave paintings at their very best! You know those sites that one person thinks is the most amazing place in the world and others are just like..."meh". This is one of them...along with all the cement works in the UK. Well done Margate boys :thumb

The Margate Caves are a most extraordinary curiosity. There are 20-30 showcaves in Britain, but one would hardly expect to find one in this sleepy corner of Kent, where nothing much seems changed since the 1950s. However, this town, where most visitors to and from the continent normally rush through, has not one, but two! There is Margate Caves, and its neighbour, the Shell Grotto. As it remains unclear which of the two is supposedly conncted with Vortigern, I will describe them both, as they are close together in the chalk hill of Cliftonville. Situated at the lower end of the Northdown Road, near the Margate War Memorial, they penetrate for a considerable distance under the sites of the one time vicarage of Holy Trinity Church, and the Church itself (now Trinity Square car park) - both having been destroyed by bombs during World War Two.

















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