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Report - - The wards, a re-visit to Cane Hill Surrey | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - The wards, a re-visit to Cane Hill Surrey

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Here's a collection of photos taken inside the old girl. Many random sites from the dated and decaying wallpaper to the huge junction boxes and massive circuit boards down in the old x-ray department.

A large majority of some wards have completely fallen through, mainly due to fire damage but the general age of the buildings and high levels of damp are also taking their toll.

These were taken in one of the larger wards, obviously just a dumping ground as the place was closed down, as majority of them are empty other than bird crap and the odd bit of rubbish from less friendly vistors over the years.



Even thou a lot of the wards are stripped bare there are still a few interesting sites (well i found them interesting :p )

A typical ward.


Here is a picture found on the wall of one of the less visited wards, a general lack of graffiti and crap makes me think not many get this far.


There is a very eiry tale behind this picture which I didn't know at the time but was later confirmed to me by someone that use to work there as a nurse. There use to be a train track that run through the lower part of the grounds. Many of the patients would try and climb the fence and break out onto the tracks. A good few made it and sort getting hit by one of the passing trains as a release from Cane Hill.

Another room here, one of the 'Male' rooms with its modern (well as modern as 70's can be) fixtures and fittings was surely one of the last to be in use before the hospital was closed completely. Strange thing in this room though is the fact the wallpapered ceiling has been affected by the damp and started to fall down, but hadn't really seen this in any of the other rooms.


Now moving through into the Nurses quarters and the large open plan wards connected to days rooms turn to single or double bed rooms.


Oh yea and this is where i found the wall paper, most of the hospital was painted through out, obviously cheaper to do a larger area. So this looked very out of place, and judging by the fact it was bearing hanging to the walls it didn't want to be there either.


Will add some more to this later, but seeing as its taken me all day to write this I'll get it posted.


Right where was I after work rudely got in the way yesterday.

Making our way back throught badly decaying ward corridors was a little tricky in places, avoiding holes and rotten floor boards throughout.


After the wards we moved back through and into the main building. Taking us back past the old kitchens and near to the admin block, we head to the old x-ray rooms.


As we come past the kitchens notice this fair old back up generator. From what we could make it its a very large v12 diesel engine probably from the 60's. Damn this thing must of made a noise when it was going full steam.


Down into the basement under the admin block we find the x-ray rooms. This really must of sucked a lot of juice, as this fuse box shows.


Rooms full of very modern looking circuit boards but no x-rays unfortunately


Though these banks of batterys and much older switch boards were still in there.



Another trip done we leave knowing we have missed so much and yet again the attack of the crap camera memory