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Lead or Rumour info - The weirdest finds on explores???


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Hey, so me and my friend have been discussing what we wondered are the weirdest finds people have made as in items or whatever that a totally doesn't fit the location or just throws you completely off.

We also came across a thread where someone had said that they are lucky that in the last 10 years of exploring they have never come across a body! Has anyone ever done an explore or been checking out a possible new location and discovered a body?!

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Found a false leg on one explore, a breast pump on another. Both explores weren't connected to anything medical . No body lol. Also a drum set & old cannabis farms a plenty. But thats about it . :cool:


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Exploring an abandoned school and found a hilarious note written by a teacher about a problem pupil. The reverse of the note was a shopping list


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A Carnival float parked inside an old factory, a stash of knives and face masks in a school, I'm sure there's more but I'd need to refresh the old grey matter.


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I found a pair of pink hand cuffs attached to a radiator pipe in a place before,


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I found in, the RAF building in Louth was some Knickers and some children clothing In one of the offices, kids toys and some strange stuff in that room. I reported it to the police, showed the pics I had on my phone that I had taken. A few moths later the place was set on fire.


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A plastic Pigeon on a metal pole above a leaking water pipe in the foundations of a demolished/burnt down farmhouse......

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