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Report - The 'Where the F*** have my photographs of Vis gone?' report. Vis, Croatia, Jun 12


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The title gives a clue as to what has gone on here. I took about 200 shots in 3 bunkers, including a deeeeep nuclear one, a rocket silo and a submarine pen. Can I find half of them now? Can I buggery.

In June I went island hopping in the South of Croatia (highly recommended, beautiful and cheap) and made sure I visited the former Yugoslav army island base of Vis. 2 hours by ferry from Split, if you want to get sleazyjetting now. There are loads of old bunkers and gun placements all over the island that were just left open when the army departed in 1991. The army saved the pikeys a load of back breaking work and actually weighed most of the equipment in themselves so pretty much all the sites are stripped bare. The nuclear one has the most stuff in it, including uniforms, beds and random boots lying around however this is also one where I no longer have any photos along with the rocket silo :mad: Pics or it didn't happen you say? Fuck off! I'm not happy about this already.

Bit of info, if you please..

The island of Vis is the most protruding Croatian island with an area of 90.30 km2. The channel of Hvar separates it from the island of Hvar, and the Biševo channel from the island of Biševo. It is approximately 60 miles away from the Italian coast.

The first people settled in Vis in 3000 B.C. They were of Mediterranean background. In 2000 B.C. they were pushed aside by the Illyrians which formed their own government in the fifth and sixth century B.C.
The Sirakuski tyrant of Dimitrij the Elder in approximately 397 years B.C. established his colony on Vis and its settlers expanded their influence towards the central- Dalmatian islands.
The Illyrian king Agron I and queen Teuta, who where defeated by the Romans in 219 B.C., threatened the authority of Vis (Issa). Since then Issa has acknowledged the authority of Rome.

After the downfall of the Western Roman Empire (year 476), Vis at one time acknowledged the authority of the Goths and then the Byzantines.
The Croats started settling in Vis in the seventh century.
Vis was occupied and destroyed by the Venetians and under Venetian authority from 1420. With peace in Campoformio in 1797, Venice hands it over to Austria, and after peace in Požun in 1805 it comes under the French who fortify it. In March 1811, the English fleet struck a hard defeat to the French-Italian fleet and occupied Vis.

By Regulations of the Vienna Congress of 1814, it was returned to Austria till 1918 when it was occupied by the Italians. In 1921, by the Rapal Contract, it belonged to the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenians. In 1941 it was occupied by the Italians under whose government it stayed until the capitulation of Italy in 1943.

After this it became the military-navy base of the Partisan army in socialistic Yugoslavia, Vis was closed to outsiders because of its strategic position (this regulation was terminated in 1989) and the entire island was turned into a large military fort.

But this isolation, however difficult it was for the inhabitants of the island of Vis, placed Vis among the favorite destinations of the entire Mediterranean when Croatia became independent. Beautiful beaches, preserved nature, ecological agriculture and preserved traditional architecture are unique advantages of this unique island.

Courtesy of www.visinfo.org
And on to the pictures.

These explores were all done in association with Reef Fanning flip flops (bottle opener in the sole, very handy!) and the Alpkit Gamma head torch.

First up, a submarine pen just outside Vis Town. There are plans to turn this into a club with a glass floor over the water. If you do go, wear trainers as the filthy Italian sailors simply sail in and dump all their rubbish in the escape tunnel. Including human shit with the wiped toilet roll next to it :wanker




I so wanted to jump this, 20ish metres into 8 metres of water, but was being screamed at to not do it by the one who knows best :rolleyes:


Next up, a gun placement just outside Komiza Town. Which is the only other place I can currently find photos of. They couldn't get some of the guns out, so decomissioned them in situ.



This random idiot who was also there for a look wouldn't move while I took the shot :wanker





Translation anyone?



Desk, I assume this would be an officers




Some twat in flip flops




Beyond this I attemted a couple of other explores. In Vela Luka there was a nice looking tower crane overlooking a boat yard. I climbed it, in flip flops and got shouted down by two angry Croat Police Officers. They weren't too bothered and let me go. I then climbed the second highest structure in the town


Finally, in Dubrovnik I decided it would be a great idea to climb the city walls and do a circuit late at night. I lasted all of 3 minutes before being really shouted down by two very pissed off Police officers. A 1000 Kune fine/bribe later, and I was free to go home, sleep well and then pay 70 Kune to walk the walls with everybody else the very next day. Yes, I'm the :wanker Here's the only shot I got from up there.


Seriously, Croatia is awesome and Vis is well worth a look for the old military bases. If you want a guided tour of them there are a couple of people in Vis Town who will take you round. Then just hire a scooter and go do them the next day on your own. All the sites are open so anyone can, and does walk in.