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Report - the wine vineyard - shropshire january 2016


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I sort of found this place by complete accident as i was looking at another location about half a mile away.
I was not even sure if it was derelict so approached with caution.
It was only at the end of the visit i put two and two together and realised it was a old vineyard - derrrrrrrrr
From what little information i have found out about the place it was established in 2006 and i think went out of business in about 2009 - 10.
Looking at old business records its state that the business was dissolved.

some photos of the day:










This is a small video with betty flying overhead:

This is the longer video of where i explore the whole site:



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It's always difficult to tell if something's abandoned if a farm's involved. I can't be the only one who's made that mistake...


Is this the future?
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I have to admit, it felt a little bit like I was watching a bit of a dull documentary for most of the video, just without dangerous or copulating animals. The epic search for the stairs and the spider were a bit more intense. The video quality was good throughout, I just think it should still be shorter. I think people are looking for something that's short and sweet, otherwise we get a bit bored and just end up clicking forward for the duration of the video.

There is another bonus to shortening your videos... You will save massive amounts of space on your hard drive if they're each five minutes long, as opposed to thirty.

As for the abandoned farmhouse thing, I agree, it's always hard to tell whether they're abandoned or not. Usually they have half a scrap yard outside before you even get to the house.


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28DL Full Member
Thanks for the feedback bud its always well received good or bad - I do try to mix it up a little and try to give a little bit for everyone - wether you just like photos - flying music video or the long version with me rambling on, i know not everyone likes the long version but i know a lot do.
I try to give you a selection of choice and for that part - i do feel i am going down the right path.
Maybe you are right and i should do a mini version of what ever highlights i see - that way i have covered all the bases.
thanks for watching and your comments.