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Report - The Works drain, Manchester - July 2010

Cardinal Awol

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28DL Full Member
Went to check out The Works with Cookie Monster. I had read good things about it, but I have to say I was really disappointed, especially right after doing the absolutely amazing Bunker Drain for the first time. The Works was really short, full of "water" and rocks, and the only remotely interesting thing was the penstock chamber. Not worth it. Also, I had been under the impression that it was a storm drain - but it turned out to be a sewer overflow (for the aptly named Inhospitable sewer). When we got to the penstock chamber I went over the side into Inhospitable, since I could see its infall down the long straight boring tunnel. But when the ankle breaking rocks gave way to a deep, slippery bit just before a three foot egg gushing sewage from the side, I turned back. Anyone who completes Inhospitable is purely masochistic. You can see that it's not worth it. I've done a sewer overflow and bad smelling drains before, but those were worth it because of the history and features. Pretty much the only good thing about The Works is that because it's short and boring and there's not much to see, you can get your camera out and do lots of photography without feeling like you're missing out on anything further down the tunnel. I even switched over from digital to my film camera after a bit, which I've brought into drains before, but can't usually be bothered to pull out. Sorry for the scathing review. I suppose I'm just grumpy and spoiled after doing Bunker (my favorite drain so far) the other day. I guess I got some decent photos out of The Works though. Had to salvage the day somehow:






That's the manhole shaft and penstock controls. Didn't get a good shot of the overphotographed penstock chamber itself since Cookie Monster was getting impatient as usual. Big stairs weren't really worth shooting after doing Bunker's.