Report - The Works, Manchester May 2015

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A Predisposed Tourist
Regular User
Jul 17, 2010
ramsghetto in thanet
I am not going to pretend i am some sort of expert on the working of such places and the facts of what it is exactly but what i do know is walking up the pipe i was met by about an inch of fat which disguised the fact there was shit floating around with the wet wipes and fanny plasters under foot!
Seems they have spray crete'd parts since Pauls last visit and it looks shit to be honest.Getting down and across to the pipe was fun shall we say but once inside i set to work faffing about with lighting and employed paul to be my Lighting Bitch for a few shots,did walk up the river to the brick egg as to be honest i had done enough endless walking to last a life time.
Big thanks to paul for assisting me get through a decent amount that was on my list and doable during the daylight hours we where about..

Totally get why there are so many people into these drains/sewers and the such like they are pretty amazing and the brick work and skill that was used is something else :thumb


Quick look back from the way in..


Apparently the toy/doll mounted in the middle of this junction is a drain fairy..learn something new every day


i decided being a clever cnut that i am to shove the camera on bulb and run up these steps to back light down,gotta be 2 and a half foot or there about so that was fun,only to realise to come back down without a torch on which would ruin the shot was not going to be easy i shouted to Paul to just turn my camera a twat but even im not that thick to try legging it down in the dark..


Quick shot back down


After crossing the perfectly safe rusting thin metal walkway which crumbled under my feet paul dived in to help with the lighting



Didn't fancy the ankle breaking walk to the egg so a shot looking down will do yer


Pauls lighting skills again for the one directly below..



and that was my trip to the works which i have to say i enjoyed big time..probably a few more reports to come :thumb

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A Predisposed Tourist
Regular User
Jul 17, 2010
ramsghetto in thanet
Great shots, bright but not overexposed :)
ive got this bug bare about lighting,every time im in such a pipe or junction i intend to hardly light the foreground so you have a massively noticeable difference between the back lighting and the foreground..just cant seem to not light the foreground as much as i do ;)

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