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Report - Theater of Filth. New England Oct 2008

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28DL Full Member
Pictures and story by the Jackson and Captain Jack

After completing a pre-dawn exploration at another location, we were left with time for another explore. After an hours drive, helping a lost dog get found, and a Dunkin Donuts stop, we began our quest up to this mountain top location. After a disorienting fruitless hunt for a hidden bike path and viewing a virtually unclimbable loose rock hillside, we drove onto campus practicing our lost tourist look. Our story if stopped was we made a wrong turn and wanted to get on the interstate. We had never seen quite so many no trespassing, no admittance signs and eventually turned back and parked in a place where we could hike a reasonable distance through the woods. It turned out to be an unexpectedly long walk over uneven ground with loose rock everywhere.
This campus had been a tubercular hospital, youth prison, and mental hospital. Mostly vacant, some of the remaining buildings had been turned into State Offices. The remaining where resolutely boarded.

The first building we stopped at was the old Tuberculosis Hospital with arched porches for airing the patients. Unfortunately it was frustratingly well sealed. Particularly since we had come onto site without tools in case we ended up being stopped and searched.

That was followed by the well sealed and fenced youth detention building and an secure office building. We were getting increasingly irritated when the large main Art Deco styled hospital building came into view. During our hike the weather had turned a bit unpleasant which added to our uneasiness but did make the boxy ponderous exterior a more interesting photo composition.

Forbidding edifice

we couldn’t find a way in and began working our way around the rear. The amount of and security of the boarding was impressive. A work crew regularly closes up openings here
Looming darkness

Finally we a broken window, squeezed in and by not particular plan ended up in an amazingly decayed theater
Theater of Filth

An exercise area was above the theater



Much on the inside of the hospital was very plain and fairly modern, appearing more like an office building than the creepy old hospital we were hoping for. Some areas, unfortunately, where beyond heavily locked fire doors. Although from what we have learned the other areas where largely more of the same. The high point of this explore was the theater

Fern Dance