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Report - Theatr Ardudwy, Harlech - July 2018


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July 2018

The ’Theatr Ardudwy’ is a large Brutalist theatre building that was designed by Colony Foulkes & Partners and opened in 1973, the building is located within the grounds of Coleg Harlech, an Adult Education Centre which closed its doors in February 2017 following years of financial uncertainty. The theatre continued to operate following the closure of the college for a further 12 months until it closed its doors in February 2018 making all staff redundant. Me and @Choo Choo m8ty stumbled across this one completely be accident, the theatre is in immaculate condition and if it wasn't for the boarded up windows you'd thing it was just closed for the day. The closure was blamed on 'structural defects' with concerns being raised for the safety of staff and visitors, following this a support group has been set up on Facebook to push for the reopening of the facility but hasn't made any serious attempts so far. It the facilities final days it operated as both a Theatre and a Cinema with showings taking place most weeks, the directors made a significant investment in early 2017 by installing a new digital cinema facility believed to cost the best part of £100,000.













Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 23.57.06.png










Cheers for looking.
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Omg epic matey . What an incredible place and luck. Glad England was playing and workers where well out lol ... Unreal place and great shots.


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Epic work mate. I was only down here a few weeks ago. The hotel is trashed now and the student digs are derelict I wasn’t too sure about this. Looks like another 3 hour drive may be in order.


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Wow didn’t realise the theatre had closed, such a shame for Harlech - such a beautiful town but not much going for it! Great pics - always loved the brutalist design of this place.

What’s the old college buildings looking like next door ?


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The main building looked pretty decent, the tower block looks fairly smashed up.
Yep the main buildings must have potential. They still looked like they were cared for about 12 months ago when we camped nearby. The halls of residence has been derp since 2014 - think it’s owed by the same people as hotel now. Really is a stunning view on that hill.


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Looks like you lucked out stumbling across this by chance!! Good effort mate. Looks sweet

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