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28DL and UE in the News TheSecretVault - Hovercraft Museum - Portsmouth


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28DL Full Member
Also the one rule ive always followed is to always leave if caught, regardless of what you are photographing, dont dick around and ignore them, honestly the Goons 'n' gimbals ego right now is dreadful!


Shut up Todd.
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hopefully he gets his jaw snapped.
That's a bit harsh... but I agree :D

One day he's going to end up in a situation where he says something to the wrong person and he'll pay for it.

Generally being a cock isn't a good idea anyway, nevermind trespassing and being a cock.


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28DL Full Member
These guys brains must be smoother than a bowling ball. The volunteers there put in a lot of hard work to keep the place going and are pretty friendly people. If they just asked nicely if they could film something and not broken in they would have likely let them and given them a personal tour. There was no need to be a dick about it when though where found.