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Report - Thistleton Ironstone Mine - Sept 2010


it's dark in here innit?
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I've used the forum search facility and can't find a report on this one so maybe I'm the first to post one? I researched this one from books and one of my partners in crime did a recce last weekend.


The adit in the pics was opened in 1957 by Stewarts & Lloyds Minerals Ltd. and connected into earlier workings, of which the old adit was then used for ventilation. The 1957 adit was very modern and used 22ft dia. concrete segment lining for 1600ft to the actual mine workings. The adit contained twin tracks of 2ft 8 1/2 in. gauge, running electric locomotives that drew current from an overhead wire. The mine closed in 1964 and the adit was bricked up in 1966. The earlier adit is completely filled and undetectable now.

Deep in the woods, where nobody goes...





We got about 900ft in and the gas analyser alarm started going off due to low oxygen levels. We also got quite breathless so we turned back without having got to any of the actual mineworkings. :mad:
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