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Offered - Thorfire S70s Torch - big 4000 lumen torch - £25


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For sale is my not very used Thorfire S70s. Powered by either 2 x 26650 or 2 x 18650s (with 26650 spacer adaptors). It's a pretty big torch at about 25cm long and it's got some weight to it. It is very powerful with 4000 lumens on turbo (3960 lumens if you want to split hairs). It's pretty throwy and is rated at 680m.

Is this an ideal exploring light for general use? No, its definitely not, its too big. It is however great for the few occasions you need to light up very large spaces or you just want to throw large amounts of light at the problem.

It's got a few marks, but overall is in a very good condition.
No batteries included.

I've got a few spares with it including a spare glass lens, an O ring and some adaptor/spacers to allow you to use 18650 batteries in it.


Led Lenser M7 for scale.



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