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The first ever little explore! Come across the ruins of this building while out on a back country lane venture one afternoon, had to pull in and take a look! Was greeted by an automated security announcement as I got closer to the actual lodge, however I only wanted a quick once round to take some photographs so I didn't hang around long! No sign of security turning up however.

Easy access from the main road too but the pre-recorded message will trip regardless.

Thornseat Lodge was built in 1855 for a steel industry businessman, William Jessop. It was used as a hunting lodge passed down in the family. Located in the Bradfield area of Sheffield, it's set out in plain sight on the top of a small hill overlooking some awesome countryside. It was sold in the 1930's to the Sheffield City Council and they transformed it from a leisure lodge to a children's orphanage. It was used up until the 1980's, until it was sold to Doug Hague who found no use for it and it was left to rot.

Quite a large section of the building has fallen down now at the back and a lot of the internal structure is rotting away. Relatively nice to look at, but not really worth a couple hours if you get me.

View of the front coming up through the field.

Front close up

Side View of the front


Wandering to the front, from the side. A lot of the building has come down at the back, a lot of natural decay.


Some of the back of the building.


Heading slightly inside, bad weather and floors I wouldn't trust meant I couldn't quite get some good internals, but a lot of the structure is coming down or has already come down.


Will probably take another crack at this place in better weather and more hours of daylight. There are more grounds and mini buildings / sheds to explore in the forrest area to the left of the house.

This is the first report I've done so any kind of feedback would be cool.

Thanks for checking it out :)
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I think a farmer uses the mini buildings out the back...at least it looked very much like they were in use year(ish) ago.
Was such a beautiful building, crying shame.
Thanks for sharing :thumb
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Ahh possibly, they did look like sheds! It looked as though it used to be something else!! Thanks for checking it out
..a swimming pool too, if you can find it through the undergrowth, I didn't know it was there the first time, not looking too photogenic really

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