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Report - Thorpe Marsh Cooling Towers, Doncaster,


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Here are a few facts plucked out of Wikipedia:
-Was a 1 Gigawatt coal-fired power station
-Commissioned 1959
-Opened 1963.
-Closed 1994


Not much remains on site other than the 6 Huge cooling towers. 5 of them are stripped out, but still and interesting explore stepping into one you really get a feel for how little support they are sat on and the size of them, as you start walking towards the middle the next thing you notice is the loud sound of footsteps coming for you before realising its just the crazy acoustics playing tricks. Ive never heard sounds like it before.


One of the cooling towers has the inner erm ‘stuff’ still intact. Starting at the lower layer is as follows, as you can see this would be half full of water that has condensed in the tower and run back down.


above this layer is 6foot(ish) of what I can only describe as corrugated binbags. Above the binbag layer is this void, in the centre of this is where the steam would come out:



and the top layer (well top of the bottom of the tower, probably about 30ft up) is like this:



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