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Report - Thorpe Marsh Power Station, Doncaster - January 2012


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Hi All,

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the demolition of Thorpe Marsh Power Station, nr Doncaster. So today on while I was on a site visit for work in nearby Askern I thought I'd pay the old girl a visit.

I'm afraid this site is to be consigned to history. This Thursday 19th Jan 2011, the Ash Plant is to be blown down and the following 2 Thursdays the two towers furthest from the railway are to be PULLED down, Not blown down, they are pulling a wire through them for a controlled collapse! As a result the exculsion zone is very small so you should be able to get a good view....
After todays visit I can sadly confirm that scare47627 was quite correct. The slush tower has now been pulled down, however the two towers that "Should" be coming down TOMORROW dont appear like they will be. No preperation work, JCB's are been stored next to one and there are a couple of skips adjacent. (But I could be wrong)


Thorpe Marsh Power Station was a 1 Gigawatt (GW) (1000 MW) coal-fired power station near Doncaster in South Yorkshire, England.

Construction of the station began in 1959, it being built as a prototype for all the large modern power stations in the UK. It was commissioned between 1963 and 1965. It contained 2 generating sets powered by coal, and had a gas turbine set using an industrial static version of a Rolls-Royce Avon aero engine with a capacity of 14.9 MW. On 7 January 1973 four workmen died. The CEGB was put under investigation for breaches in safety provisions but they were found to have all died accidental deaths.

The station closed in 1994, The structures still stand now because it is feared that any explosion would cause the banks of the nearby canal to rupture. They also contain asbestos, which would contaminate land for miles around the site. On 31 October 2011, David Cameron announced the approval of a 1500MW CCGT power station to be built at Thorpe Marsh by Acorn Power Developments at a cost of £984 million, Which is what has brought around the current demolition

Canon EOS 1000D 18-55mm

Thorpe Marsh in the 1980's

Thorpe Marsh today, January 2012









Thanks for looking.​


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