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Report - Thorpe Marsh Power Station - Doncaster - July 2011

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Thorpe Marsh Power Station


Another one from my massive backlog of sites, just uploading them as and when I get to sorting the images...

Anyway I hope this brings back some memories and stories for the guy's who dis this, and to those who didn't I hope you enjoy the images anyway!

A little site history

Construction of the station began in 1959, it was built as a prototype for all the large modern power stations in the UK. It was commissioned between 1963 and 1965.

The plant was officially opened in 1967.

The station contained two 550 MW generating units with cross compound turbines, supplied from a single boiler. Steam was supplied at 2,300 pounds per square inch (16,000 kPa) at 1,050 °F (566 °C).

On 7 January 1973, four workmen died. A coroner's report gave a verdict of accidental death; subsequently the Factory Inspectorate began legal proceedings against Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) was for breaches in safety provisions.

After the privatization of the Central Electricity Generating Board (1990) the station was operated by National Power. The station closed in 1994.

The station was demolished in 2012

A scan from my uncle's collection, early 70's late 60's he reckons...




'Daleks' used for automatically unloading MGR Coal trains.








I know it's an old one, but I never got around to sharing first time round, hope you all enjoyed the pics anyway! Cooling Towers are always attractive, or do I just think that living between Drax and Eggborough!? ;)

Mr Beady

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Re: Thorpe Marsh Power Stion - Doncaster - July 2011

That scanned black and white picture is ace, love seeing stuff like that. Also Thorpe marsh was pretty bostin

Idle Hands

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Re: Thorpe Marsh Power Stion - Doncaster - July 2011

Spent many a happy hour here... I miss it.

Nice to see it again, cheers :thumb


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Re: Thorpe Marsh Power Stion - Doncaster - July 2011

Lovely shots! Reminds me of when I went for a wander there one summer Sunday afternoon, didn't see a soul for hours. Great stuff.


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Re: Thorpe Marsh Power Stion - Doncaster - July 2011

that looks really good, nice pics too. thanks for shareing.

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