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Report - Threadneedle Street, Huddersfield - May 2013


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Shock horror, another low level roof in Huddersfield that nobody will be interested in but is stooped in history.

As Tweek said in his Kings Mill Crane report, Huddersfield likes students. It really does.

This building was previously occupied by Thatchers Furnishings, a company that have been trading in Huddersfield for more than 70 years.

The company is now up for sale and their assets, such as this building an another Grade 1 listed warehouse on Chancery Street, are being developed.

The developments are partly being funded by £2.8m that was awarded to Kirklees Council, just one of 20 local authorities prized, to regenerate vacant premises within the town centres.

The former Thatchers shop is to be transformed into 40 en-suite bedrooms with communal lounges and kitchens; bringing more students into the town centre with an aim to boost the local economy.
Only four pictures, there's not much to be seen from here, just the former NTL House and a couple of streets.





Thanks for looking.


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