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Report - Threlkeld Quarry/Crane Graveyard (Cumbria) - Nov. 2011


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Hey there, greetings from cold Wales! I mean Cumbria. First post, first report. Some history I believe is in order, however I can only find very limited information on the village and virtually nothing on the mine itself.

(Sourced from Wikipedia)
Historically a part of Cumberland, Threlkeld formerly had its own railway station on the Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway, on the opposite side of the valley, next to the (closed) Threlkeld Quarry, at the foot of Clough Head. Today the railway line is a footpath and cycle track. Three rows of terraced houses, which used to accommodate the quarry workers, stand near the station.

What I've gathered from asking around the county is that Threlkeld used to be a lead mine, and then an aggregate quarry when the lead was all dug up.

It was an eerie place. Not a soul in sight, although it was 8am. The only noise I heard whilst in there was the drone of a welder followed by the occasional bang coming from a fabrication shop about 300 yards down the road. All the cabs were open, as were the doors on the strange crane... van... thing. Not a huge site, but certainly packed full of goodies!

My second visit to the site and its exactly as it was first visit (well over a year ago). No damage, no syringes lying around, a chav free zone indeed! I didn't do as much climbing about on the equipment this time as it had been raining the night before and everything was slippery and oily.



This beast is called Kind Kong from what I can gather, a deserved name, this things a real mammoth.


Front shot of King Kong


Took this one just to give you an idea of the scale of this thing. Makes that ten litre bucket look like a tea cup.



Old G registration. She's a beut ;) You can also see the steps up the side of KK, I cannot stress enough how gigantic that thing was.


Just a shot with as much in it as possible. Someone's definitely been doing some restore work on these things, there was a distinctive smell of oil based paint and these ones looked in a lot better nick. If your wondering whats in the site crate it was full of drilling equipment and steel pipes. I hope to God gypsies don't find this place!


Old winding engines from the pit


Not a clue what this was used for, but its got leather seats!



Spotted this on the way out, couldn't not take a picture of it. Come on, bible songs on LP? Maybe a miner lost faith his when the pit shut down...

Hope you enjoy the report!


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