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Lead or Rumour info - Thresham College Corby Campus


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Il get some pics up shortly
on george street corby quite a big place well and trully boarded up and ready to do.

Up to 100 former staff and students who studied or worked at Tresham's George Street campus in Corby returned to reminisce about their time at the college. The reunion event saw many visits down memory lane on Friday 10th June 2011 and an opportunity for individuals to have a final tour of the buildings.

The evening saw a number of former students from when the building first opened in 1957 who enjoyed the chance to look through photographs on display and met up with former tutors.

Among the former students in attendance was David Rowlatt, 67, Corby, who was an apprentice electrician in 1960.

He said to local newspaper the Evening Telegraph:
"It was a fun school and was good to further your education.

One of the first students at the site was Stuart Jack, travelled from Tring, Hertfordshire, to attend the reunion event.

Mr Jack, 74, who grew up in Corby, was an apprentice at the site as a teenager, and returned after national service to complete further qualifications which eventually led to him becoming a chartered electrical engineer.

He said to the Evening Telegraph:

"This facility is looking a bit tired. I can understand the building has various problems you get with commercial buildings so it's time to call it a day and move to something better."

The campus on George Street will be closing on Friday 1st July 2011. The Reception and Learner Centre will remain open over the summer for any enquiries before all staff and students move to the new campus on Oakley Road, Corby in September 2011.

See Tresham's History of George Street Campus booklet that was produced for the evening.


1 of them cnuts off 28dsl
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Yes the other was good and this looks just as big and good needs doing its got demo gonna start anyday.


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Right so took a stealthy trip in - only got like 4 pics on the iPhone again - if going in through [removed] I woud recommend - very big and most of it locked up - also looks like work is still going on so I went in at night - all in all a very cool explore not for the feint hearted! Also just to let anyone considering going its full of aspestos so take your masks!!!


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hi m8, am from corby and kinda new to this stuff. av done the corus bunker, brigstock camp and quite a few dissused ww2 airfields in and around the town and any roc posts i can find. i wanna go big but need a buddy?