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Report - Thurgoland Tunnel, Sheffield - August 2010


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Thurgoland tunnel was built in 1845 as part of the Woodhead line from Sheffield to Manchester, it runs for only 300 metres or so through a small hill near the village of Thurgoland.

However when the line was to be electrified the tunnel clearances in the ye olde 19th century tunnel were simply not enough to accomodate the overhead electrical equipment, so a parallel tunnel was built alongside the old tunnel in 1952 to allow the line to be electrified.

The old tunnel was forgotten and backfilled with earth at the South end, and bricked up at the North end.

Eventually the woodhead line closed in 1983 and both tunnels were redundant, however recently the newer single bore tunnel has been converted to carry the trans-pennine trail bridleway through the hillside and on towards Manchester, this tunnel is actually lit from 6am to midnight every day and is full of horse shit (clean up after yourselves!)

Anyway, only a handful of photos from this trip as the tunnel wasn't long. Its nothing epic but worth a mooch if you are in the area.

South portal backfilled with crap.


A bit further in looking back to our entrance.


Mid section, there was evidence of an airshaft existing previously which has been filled in.


North portal, partially bricked up.


the end, thanks for looking. :)
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