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Report - - Tiergarten Tunnels, Berlin. May 2007 | Underground Sites |

Report - Tiergarten Tunnels, Berlin. May 2007

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Below the centre of modern Berlin lie some long forgotten tunnels. Built during WW2 as the first sections of planned underground roads for "New Germany" they were never finished.

Wikipedia has this to say "Berlin was to be reorganized along a central three-mile long avenue running through the Tiergarten. This would have served as a parade ground, and have been closed off to traffic. Vehicles would have instead been diverted into an underground highway running directly underneath the parade route; sections of this highway were constructed and still exist today."

Some of the tunnel sections are partially flooded. They are now accessed via manholes dotted around the Tiergarten. More information on the Berliner Unterwelten site.

Apologies for the truly awful pictures. Hopefully some of my co-visitors have some better ones.

Access from street level

Tunnel 1 Goes for a few hundred yards but is partially flooded as you can see and I didn't want to get wet.


Tunnel 2. About 100 yards long.

Tunnel 2 comes to a dead end (Note the access to another manhole cover)
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