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Report - Tilbury A (The Pigeon crap one). Essex. April 2015


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Visited here with a few mates a few weeks ago and one of them could not get in, so we stuck together and headed of elsewhere, so a few weeks later I was back at the fence and straight in this time.. Only gripe being this time is that I ripped my favourite exploring Jacket that has served me well over the years..

I knew what to expect when we got in as we were just following the tour bus and also the now amazing obvious path way that everybody has been walking along... The only thing I did not expect was the 6 inches of pigeon shit everywhere, but hey ho the insides are well worth it all.. We did not spend very long in here, probably only 90 mins, but it was long enough to see what we wanted (and catch mcdonalds breakfast) before heading off to Sussex for more fun and games.


A little something I found online about the site.
Following construction which began in 1951, Tilbury 'A' station was commissioned in 1956 by the CEGB. It was mothballed in 1981 and eventually part demolished in 1999, mostly everything including the turbine hall was demolished. the waste water and a small part of the station still remains due to being a listed building



















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Cracking pics there mate and that is some serious amount of pigeon poop going on there!!!!


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Cracking stuff, looks like you guys had a great day out. Top quality reports.


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Nicely shot mate :thumb

It came in handy all that Pigeon Crap for raising my Tripod a little higher lol
For some sad reason I. Was fascinated by the huge amount of fluorescent lights in the original ceiling 96 I think I counted (sad) they must have either burning off the spare power or been growing Weed in there lol

Someone mentioned they were going to fit a turnstile in like the other Tourist destinations, but I'm not sure if it's true ;)

Gotta thank the original Tour Guides for putting it on the trail for us Tourists ... Cheers


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I keep it in my pocket mate , it's my souvenir chalk from some school or somewhere .

Not that I condone theft but it'd only have been lost in the Demo' so I thought I'd let it end it's life seeing new Tourist Hot Spots ;)

Didn't realise you were with the gang mate. Communications seemed to be failing, must have been all that steelwork lol


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Think thats it mate, all that dust from the steelworks must be getting to people.. It was only planned on Monday I think... And yep, the number of lights in that place was intense for the size of it


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There's so many lights because it used to harbour an Inverkip-style translucent ceiling. I think the logic behind it was that it diffused the light evenly so that you didn't get any glare on the dials.

Also champion report :thumb


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Heard a rumour today that CCTV is now working, so as soon as you pop your head over the wall secca will spot you, and there is now Razor wire at the entrance and this was followed by a run in the the security.. Just heard it from somebody else who is normally accurate with info, so thought I would just pass it on


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It was only a matter of time until you tourists got it fucked up. In actual fact the place is totally do able without getting seen on the CCTV. I spent a long time in there mooching while the CCTV/power that end of the site was still active. I know exactly what people have been doing, instead of climbing over the fence behind the old CCTV and walking around the back of it unseen they have been lazy cunts and are going in through the walk through gap in the old palisade down by the B station, brazenly walking straight past not only the dead CCTV but all the very much live top of the range IR cameras around B station perimeter. Im not surprised this 'walk around like we own it , tell everyone you know, whore it every place possible attitude has got it burnt. You and your gas masks mates are a liability i just hope the troubles here dont have a knock on effect elsewhere on npowers sites.

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