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Report - - Tinsley Cooling Towers - Feb 2008 | High Stuff |

Report - Tinsley Cooling Towers - Feb 2008

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Oxygen Thief

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Explored with Dweeb, Snappel and Userscott.

After reading the report from Stepping Lightly (with Userscott), and Angel & Snappel, we put a plan into effect to get this done again.

Well, I met Dweeb outside Guests and Chrimes in Rotherham. From there, a quick explore, and back to MacDs for a chat and some food. Yes, we were crapping it. Wouldn't you be?...


So anyway, we get the call from the other two, meet up, and get to the start point. Luckily, you don't really see the towers until the last minute, kind of keeps your mind off the impending event.

At the base, we rigged up with >>>>> FULL PROFESSIONAL SAFETY GEAR <<<<<

Userscott led, followed by me, Dweeb then Snappel.

Don't look up, or down. Just climb. Make sure every hand is gripping, every footstep is firm. Oh man. About two thirds of the way up, the muscles start burning, but nothing too bad. And before you know it, I'm at the top. Some safety procedures and checks, and the next climber starts.

The view down...


Once inside the tower, there's a scaffold platform that runs most of the way around. Well, turn one way, it's instant death but hey.


Well, once we were all up, quite a while later, we took some photo's through the holes around the top...

That minging shopping centre...


The M1...


The other cooling tower...



OK, so it's time to go down.

Snappel looking out...


Same drill. Check and double check kit. Everyone knows the plan. I was first down. Cheers :eek:.

It did give the opportunity for an extended mooch around though.

Here's Snappel on the way down...


Finally, a shot of the two towers, looking straight up...


A great unforgettable epic night.

Thanks to Userscott and Snappel for leading, and Dweeb for being in the same boat as me ! ie shitting it !
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