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Report - Tintern Tunnel, Monmouthshire - February 2015


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The second report I've done so I'll have to apologise for the low number photos that come along with this and, in some cases, the quality of them. I'm pretty sure a few reports have already been uploaded to this place regarding this particular tunnel, nevertheless I'd like to share mine with you.

Here's some information along with a bit of history:

"Just 182 yards in length and built by Reed Bros of London, curvature prevents one end of the tunnel being seen from the other. The first train to climb its 1:80 rising gradient towards Chepstow did so on 1st November 1876; the last one enjoyed the experience on 6th January 1964." The tunnel runs almost parallel to the River Wye, as well as being located very near to The Abbey on the opposite side of the water. Tintern Tunnel can be found just off the side of a public footpath, however the tunnel itself could soon become a part of it. This is due to plans recently being approved to make it a usable route for walkers nearby, however no work has occurred since these ideas were passed I believe.

Anyway, here's some of the photos I got on my visit. Again, I'd like to apologise beforehand regarding the quality of some and the amount I got:

The South Portal -




The North Portal -


Thanks for looking!
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As you say short & sweet :)

Although at less than 200 YDS you"d be hard pressed to get many more out of it. Get you on the big ones next then :D


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Looking to do Tidenham soon, although the last time I went there the entrance was fenced off and was too wet to go over it. Just need to wait for it to dry up a bit now!


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I had to go over the railings when I've been through in the past so looks like you had an easy job of it. I love the solitude of the far portal high above the Wye. So many good tunnels in this area. :-)


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I've just found this site and did a search on places local to me and found this old thread. I hope no-one minds me adding a pic of my own to it:


Same tunnel, illuminated with a kitchen whisk, some fine wire wool, and swung around my head using a dog lead. A tripod with a camera on it with a slow shutter speed did the rest. My daughter pushed the button; she's bright enough to not want to get burnt.

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