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Report - Titan I ICBM Nuclear Missile Silo Launch Complex (March 2015)

Jim Sullivan

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In March 2015 I explored an incredible Titan missile silo launch complex. The place was huge. I was down there for nearly 4 hours. It's been abandoned for over 50 years and most of the equipment has been removed, but it's still a phenomenal place to explore.









If you ever get the chance, you should definitely check this place out. Be sure to bring a high powered flashlight or two and a breathing mask.



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I am obsessed with wanting to explore a titan I facility.

I have to do it one day.

Thanks for posting :)


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I love the report on your site, it's a pity once again that 99% of the best pics are only on there & haven't made it onto 28 as I'm sure it'd get a lot more love :thumb

I'd suggest adding some of those pics and write up which is very interesting into the above report , it'll get more visits to your site (which is obviously what you're after) most people won't follow links unless the bait on the end of the hook is sufficient to indeed "Hook them"


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Thank you! I thought I had included the best pics on here. I guess I'm not a great judge of my own photography :/
Well you never know sometimes a third parties advice can work :D

I really enjoyed the report on your site. But it seemed so different to the above as you were immediatwly hooked and wanted to see more (Maybe its just me ?) But as mentiined i think we're all guiltty of ignoring links to peoples own sites ,hence the bit about putting some more bait on the hook which will increase the traffic for both the report & your site :thumb

Obviously it's something we're never going to experience on this side of the pond (AFAIK?) And it seems lucky you managed to get out unscathed from both the bunker/Silo and the land owner going off the comments ;)

Anyway FWIW it's the best report from a Titan 1 Silo I've seen :thumb


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The report on your site is excellent, hope people take the time to have a read through it, I loved it ! :)