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Report - Tiviot Dale Railway Tunnels & platform - Stockport - Jan 13


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Tiviot Dale & Welington Road Railway Tunnels - Stockport

Teviot Dale station was opened on 1st of December 1865, but as it was known as Tiviot, by the locals, the name was later changed to reflect this.

The station was located on the East side of Lancashire Hill, close to the centre of Stockport, with the main station located on the South side of the line, and boasting two through platforms for services to Bristol, London, Nottingham and Hull. Local services ran eastwards to Woodley and Godley and on towards Manchester London Road (Piccadilly).

During the late 50's and early 60's services began to wind down, and the station was officially closed on 2nd January 1967
The station was largely demolished in 1968, leaving just the platforms, however only the bay platform exists today and is heavily overgrown.

Tiviot Dale tunnel is extant although securely grilled, with new locks, internally shored up and extensively backfilled

Part of the tunnel runs below the Dodge hill deep shelters, and the supports were fitted to prevent the Church and School from subsidence

West end of the tunnel visited with Tom Sherman, noodlethesis and bobbyg88, and the East side with structure and platform by myself, alone, all by myself :(


West end of the tunnels, this is the only part of the system left unlocked as it doesn't really go anywhere


How this got down here is anyone's guess, it's a hell of a stoop to get to, over very uneven ground



bobbyg88 sitting down on the job, the light of the entrance in the background


The remainder of the platform at the east end of the tunnels is all that's left of the station these days


The entrance to the East tunnel, all locked up with very secure, and very sharp secure fencing :D


Well I guess I found a way in then eh ? :thumb


The rather impressive structure, designed to support the road from above




It's all a bit rusty these days, but seems to be holding up well :thumb


As Paul Powers mentioned in an earlier report, if your not local, it's not really worth the trip
Even so it was a nice challenge for an hour or so, and a bit of local history

Thanks for looking :thumb


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