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Report - TJ Doyles Bar and B+B, Sunderland, Sept 13


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Well where do I start, after visiting another site, d4rk-ins1ght and I had a little peek at this place, after I fell flat on my butt (great first impression) and getting help from Catbalou, we were in. This was so surreal, it was obvious the owner had just "upped and left." I was surprised it was in the condition it was tbh. It has been empty since May 13 (so I believe) and apart from letters and the odd bottles on the floor behind the bar, it was pristine. On looking upstairs, one of the rooms had been left as though someone had just had a shower and made then the bed. Another bedroom which I guessed was the landlord's, was full of his clothes and about 6 suits were hanging up. Anyway we had a good look around then ventured back into the bar, we heard a strange noise (wish I had brought the granny/grandad nappies from Wearcourt Nursing home), my heart was racing and I was thinking how the hell are we going to get out quietly and quickly, the access wasn't the easiest, anyway after hiding behind the bar for a bit we realised no one had come in so we finished off our pics.

History :-Situated in Sunderland, TJ DOYLES was previously known as THE WINSTON. It was originally part of the shipyard. TJ DOYLES appears in the 2012 edition of the CAMRA Good Beer Guide.
Found this on their website :)
We now have a total of 6 real ale handpulls - offering a very wide variety of real ales at any one time, and we now are featured in the CAMRA Real Ale Guide 2010.
As well as the everyday ales and beers you will find here, T.J. Doyles are proud to sell a variety of both Award Winning Real Ales and Local Ales brewed at the Bull Lane Brewery here in Sunderland, such as Nowtamatta XB/BB, SoL, Sauce of the Niall, and Ryhope Tug.
We also sell on your old favourites, Samson & Double Maxim, brewed locally at the Maxium Brewery, Houghton-le-Spring and are pleased to be the first pub in Sunderland to now sell "Life's a Beach." - a lovely 4.1 tasting ale. Where did the name come from you ask? ... "Cask" your mind back to October 17th 2009, when Sunderland beat Liverpool 1-0, with the aid of a Beachball -- thats when "Life's a beach" came about...
The Bull Lane Brewing Company is a small, family run business founded in 2005 by John & Joanne Taylor in the basement of the Clarendon public house in Sunderland which dates back to the year 1753. The brewery is going from strength to strength and now supplies ales and stouts to a variety of establishments.
The brewery has recently released its new Irish Stout honouring chairman of Sunderland football club Niall Quinn. The brew - 'Sauce of the Niall' was recently featured by BBC Radio Newcastle's Sunderland reporter Russell Ward. Details and the full story can be found here.















Enjoy :)

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