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To the rescue - Turkey plucked from the depths


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Now then, Birmingham proved eventful in more way's than one :rolleyes:

Firstly though, our thoughts are with Turkey the massive gayer

What started out as a "leisurely walk in shallow water" (DRAINS), resulted in the closure of a major road and every man and his dog deployed to pluck him out of the culvert

None the less it was good to see the technical extraction pulled off without hitch

Full appreciation I'm sure to the emergency services and everyone involved as it was flawless given the unusual scenario they had to deal with :thumb

I'm sure he'll be back in the game soon enough, in the meantime maybe you could do some moderating and sort the ROC section out :p:

With his approval of course here is an edited video of the events as they unfolded, I have of course spared much of the medical treatment, and focussed on the rescue

So for anyone interested, here is the massive Turkey in full HD, although he looks more like a chocolate orange :D



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Cheer's Ojay for keeping my dignity kind of intact.

There was far more whimpering and screaming than the video shows.

Massive thanks to the emergency services who were absolutely brilliant and performed the extraction perfectly.

I am now sitting at home, dosed up on Co-codamol and Ibuprofen feeling a little worse for wear, icing my fucked knee. Can't help but thinking it all could have been much worse if I was on my own. Be careful out there guys. Turns out I had a crack team of drain0rz with me who came to my aid!

Enjoy what was one of the most painful experiences of my entire life!

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hat's off to the fire brigade technical rescue team and everyone else involved.

Cheers fellas.


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oh dear!
but lookin at the vid it looks like the emergency services were spot on with what looked like quite a difficult area to get him out of. hope he gets better soon.

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Rug Quality video, but how the fook do you dislocate a knee on that Sunday stoll ;)

Top job by the emergency services with their safety is paramount approach, hope you make a speedy recovery Turkey :thumb


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Never thought my first time down a drain would be so eventful :)

Glad to hear you are ok though Turk - glad I could help a little bit, even if it were only holding your medicine for a few seconds ;-)


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28DL certainly left its mark on Brum. Top work by the emergency services though, speedy recovery dude :thumb

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Glad you're on the mend fella, good to see sterling work from the emergency services in getting you extracted.
The problem with 28DL meets there's always someone with a camera!
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