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Toast Rack Report (Fallowfield, Manchester Nov 20)


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Recently went to the old Hollings Campus in Fallowfield, Manchester (commonly known as toast rack). Went around 3/4am on a clear night so views from the top floor/roof are really good if you catch the clouds and mist well. Photos will be attached. It’s quite a tricky one to get into past the fence with the security usually being quite alert but if you get into the building unnoticed you have a lot of time to explore. Most of the insides have been gutted out to bare concrete but it’s still a good exploration for the views and to have nice introduction to abandoned places. Highly recommend.
(Edit: Thank you all for tips and a warm welcome, everything inside the main structure is stripped but it doesn’t seem like demolition has started yet, no sign of any damage to the building bar a few smashed windows and minor chips in concrete pillars. Still in great condition and I’ve also heard that it’ll be turned into flats too as someone mentioned in the comments. Fingers crossed they keep it mostly original )





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Thank you for posting your 1st report. Seems like a decent explore. Those roof arches are very unique. Could you just pop mth & yr in title bar, just forum rules. Also is demo started do you know? Helps us keep track of a buildings state.

Anyway warm welcome to 28DL :thumb


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We were there just before it had a fire! (Not us of course. lol) It's a great explore that I'm surprised many others haven't partaken in! Well done!