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Report - - Toddington ROC Post - Bedfordshire Group - 29-10-07 | ROC Posts |

Report - Toddington ROC Post - Bedfordshire Group - 29-10-07

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Third stop on my short tour today, another demolished post but the tantalising suggestion of former access via a 'broken gate in the hedge' as per Subbrit's page :

Nuclear Monitoring Posts – Subterranea Britannica

They were right though! Somewhat further down the lane than suggested (more like 200 yards or more) I found the two gateposts in the hedge, with flaking blue paint on them and a short section of fencing. The point is also marked by the fact that the ditch at the side of the lane has a short section of piping at the point where the path into the ROC compound would have been. Although it is not very clear in the pictures I hope they give some idea.


Fencepost can be seen in the centre of the picture.


One of the sections of fencing can be seen in the hedge in the centre.


From a distance, an almost imperceptable dip in the field can be seen - approximately on the horizon of the picture above - where the post may have been situated - it is unclear from Subbrit whether the post was completely demolished or just the surface features were cleared away.