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Offered - Tokina 11-16mm - Nikon fit


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I've now gone full frame so can't make use of this anymore. It's been a super lens and I just hope I get something equally as good for my new camera soon. This is the mark 1 version of the lens so does not have an internal motor. It's in incredible condition. Not a single mark on the glass. And I don't think there's a mark on the body either. It comes boxed and with the hood + cap. The hood however does has a split but this never bothered me and doesn't detract from its functioning.

Looking for about £280 posted. I will get some pics up soon if I get any interest.
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If I didn't have one already I'd snap this up. Anyone thinking about a lens upgrade should consider this.


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Ive got this lens and its pretty damn good


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If it was Sony fit i"d get it for a spare :)

Great quality and tough as old boots as well

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