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The story!
We planned a day (of many failed attempts) with me and a BAPER [he can post photos so he can gain credit too;)]
and this one was unexpected.
I emailed someone someone about this place to which i didn't expect a response, i received a phone call from that person allowing us to take a look.

On the day we were met by a posh twat with a face you just wanted to slap.
anyway we was taking photos etc quite normally, when we got told to clear off - confused we questioned the man and was puzzled.

He replied i didn't know you were just going to take photos, i thought you was going to buy the place, my hour's drive was pointless, angry and disappointed he drove of in his very posh (fiesta)

Luckily the security was alright and let us take a few photos of the outside before we left, unfortunately not the rooms in case he got in trouble - which was fair enough :)

The history!
This place was a popular stop for truckers etc, but a while ago the A2 was repositioned, in 2006. so because of this the motel lost part of the complex and most of the car park, during the construction of the road SKANSKA who were in charge of Moving the A2, converted the motel into there work space, (offices in the bar etc) and they also lived inside the rooms, so as you can work out it the rooms woulda been in a pretty shity state, so far has been empty from 2009, but since then its been in pretty good state with 24/7 security.​

The pictures!

  1. Main entrance.

  2. DSCF3005.jpg

  3. Function room? bands etc.

  4. Lovely stairs :D

  5. Reception ( you can see me!!)

  6. DSCF3019.jpg

  7. tut tut tut!

  8. freeze! :D

    To the basement!

  9. DSCF3053.jpg

  10. Thirsty?

  11. DSCF3071.jpg

  12. DSCF3075.jpg


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