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Information - Tolly Cobbold Brewery - Ipswich - April 2015


Mask On?
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Just a quick one here, feel like I need to give people a heads up about this...

Decided to check this one out earlier on tonight, and it just seemed TOO easy to gain access. And then of course we had realized why...
Squatters or some group are actually in this place, as we found out when we stumbled across them, all I noticed was needles/swabs of some kind lying around the place, and we nearly walked right into them!

Definitely did not stay long at this place, really wanted to scope it out, but it just wasn't worth the risk as to finding out who it was making noises in there...

Could have been nothing, just the whole atmosphere about this one didn't feel good, just a heads up in case anyone else is thinking about giving this one a go, also quite ruined now to.

Will be giving this one another go, during the day...

(Link to @slayaaaa 's report on this place): http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/tolly-cobbold-brewery-ipswich-suffolk-september-2014.t93055#post-1083605

But, none the less, a couple of shots I did manage to snap whilst walking around the grounds...



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Yeah I had heard the same from someone else. What a shame, the building it self is lovely.

Well done for going and giving it a go though mate.


Mask On?
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Squatters can be quite friendly.. probably not if you get them out of bed by firing flash shots off all around the outside of the place :banghead
Yeah I know they can be, it was just seeing the needles that made the atmosphere change, I didn't want to find out who was in there tbh! :eek:


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Rumour had it some time ago Ipswich Transport Museum wanted to purchase the place and use it as their new base, freeing up the old Trolley Bus depot on Cobham Road.


Also heard a developer wants to turn the place into flats... Alas, the latter is more profitable, and more empty overpriced flats is just what Ipswich needs :thumb

Half the time they can't even make it to the empty stage... Wine rack....

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