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Visited with sick.

We Set of later then we expected after sick took around 2 hours just to print out some maps. Well that was his reason for being late. Off we set and before long we had parked and were walking to the brewery.

While looking outside we were approached by a nurse from the adjacent building. "What are you doing here", long story short i said we were doing a project on Ipswich's old trades, and she left us be. We were currently being watched so a quick call to speed and he let us know where we had to go.

The same nurse came out and over to speak to us again "Im off now can i leave you too alone?, you wont try and go in the building will you, we've had a problem with people going in recently". Err no were justing taking outside shots. :thumb

As soon as she left we ran straight in sorry love. Once in we found a glimpse of what was to come. Stacks and Stacks of site maps memorabilia and other things which i sat looking through for over half an hour!. We found the name board and unfortunately the only R and O was being used by some person called Rokinela? don't know if i have heard of her name kind of sounds familiar. So it had to go. :),

From here we progress into the main buildings to look at the brew testing rooms and laboratories. The place considering where it was is in a very very, good condition. We rifiled through the paperwork and headed papers then went on to the "Blue Room".

Things started to get a little bit nasty here and it was pigeon central. And it stank. A quick climb up the ladder for a photo and we headed onwards towards the vat area.

Once here we took the token shot of the beer crates and the vats then headed down to the offices. Again this place was filled with tolly jolly goodies.

Time was getting on so we made our way back out but had a problem. A fat nurse had taken up roost on the bench blocking out exit. We waited and waited while she basked in the sun then as soon as she moved we darted out.

Mission Success!












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