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Report - Tone Mill Dye Works, Wellington, Somerset - March 2014


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So a few days past and me and Mookie began our big road trip up North; by first going west to a beautiful Mill tucked away in the West Country. A place time seems to have forgotten, with little physical decay in place.

The mill remains a completely water-powered cloth finishing works, established by the Fox Brothers and Co and dates from 1830. The remains of the water wheel are still in-situ; including the line shafting and gearing.

An electric motor was later installed to supplement the water-wheel during times of drought; however, amazingly, the water wheel continued to be used for many decades after.

Simplifying the industrial process here; the mill comprises of a number of key areas to accommodate the various stages of production:

-A Fulling area, where wet cloth was dried, scoured, cleaned and milled to the desired finish.

-A dying room, adjacent to the fulling area which specialised in producing an indigo colouring.

-Reservoirs and Sluice gates, to manage the flow of water into the wheel chamber.

-The wheel chamber and a later power house.
Amazingly, the works finally closed in 2000 and production was moved to a more contemporary location. The buildings and machinery are Grade II* listed, but continue to sit.

This was the last woollen mill in the West Country. The site is of European significance.
















More At:
West Country Mill - a set on Flickr


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Re: West Country Mill, West Country - March 2014

Good old Tone Dye works, seen more visitors of late than when it was actually open and trading!!


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Re: West Country Mill, West Country - March 2014

I'm lucky enough to have this as my local explore. It's quite special eh? Nicely captured as ever mate :thumb
Did you venture to the nearby Tonedale Mill?


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Re: West Country Mill, West Country - March 2014

Cheers for sharing - my local place - sadly rather stripped/damaged now - but still a good one - can you sort out the title mate - cheers :thumb


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Re: West Country Mill, West Country - March 2014

Right, I have changed it to a proper, non-coded, name.

Straw that broke the camels back and all that.
Yep, that's the line you used in PM's last night - totally reject that notion - this place is very well know to the local kids, the metal reclaimers, the taggers, has been featured in double page spreads in more than one local paper, is on the curriculum of at least one local school, has featured in a local art exhibition, is all over flickr, facebook, forums, personal blogs, etc.

Plus, of course, you give more than enough info in your report to identify the place anyway :)

So, TBH, one more report, on part of the site, is not likely to be that much of a game changer in its future.

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