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Report - Tone Mill, Somerset, July 2017


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History: taken from Tone Mill regeneration project http://somerset-rural-renaissance.co.uk/tone-mill-regeneration-project/

Tone Mill is an unusually well preserved cloth dyeing and finishing works. The site was established in the early to mid-18th century and operated by Fox Brothers and Co. of nearby Tonedale Mills. It retains intact buildings ranging in date from the 1830s, or earlier, to the 1920s, although most of the buildings are thought to date from the 1880s to the 1920s. The buildings and their contents have been listed Grade II and Grade II* in 1976 and 2000.

The site remained in use for its original purpose until the late 1990s and was still in occasional use until July 2000. Consequently, the site retains most of the traditional machinery and fittings associated with the dyeing and finishing of woolen and worsted cloths.

Tone Mills housed the dye-works, greaseworks and wet finishing plant of Fox Brothers and Co Ltd, which went into receivership in May 2000 after an existence of some 225 years but has been rescued and is once again operating from premises in Wellington

For more background information on Fox Brothers and Co see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fox_Brothers

The Visit: Spent a couple of hours wandering round this place on a sunny afternoon in July. Loved it and would recommend a visit to any passing explorers :thumb

Thanks for looking :thumb

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Great set of pictures :thumb, it's a nice explore there.

Did you go into Tonedale Mill while you were there?


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Alas no. It was a stop on the way back North from Devon so ran out of time.
I don’t know how much of Tonemill is not yet developed?
Tonedsle Mill is still undeveloped. Some clearing up has occurred on site, with some Eastern Europeans living in caravans. Still easily doable though if you enter from the "stealthy" side of the site.
Nice set of pics from Tone :thumb