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Report - Tone Mill - Wellington - Somerset - February 2014


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So, we got a weekend without the sproglets and plenty of time to plan some exploring - the perfect opportunity to try out a place that had been on my wish list for some time - Tonedale mills. We booked a B&B near by so we had the whole weekend to check out some of Somerset's finest treasures. Friday night was a quick recce to a couple of likely looking buildings: we found two mill buildings - one with no security and an open window, and one with some businesses installed as part of a multi-million pound regeneration project. We wandered into the wreck they are trying to rent out as a going concern (can't believe they think people will rent rooms in a falling down mill building) - could see some machinery in a building by the main gate but the rest of the buildings along that main alley looked full of rubbish. We wandered round the outside of the rest of the site and counted security cameras and warning signs. Secca didn't appear to tell us to leave, but their car was there. We then drove down the road and stuck our heads through the open window at the other mill and couldn't see much. I decided to ask some advice from a couple of lovely guys on the forum (many thanks all!) Turned out we were in the right place - Tone Mill. The following morning we returned early and spent a good hour mooching round and taking photos, but could have spent much more time here. The place was nice and light and in great condition and stuffed with goodies! There were lots of asbestos warnings and there were holes in the floor and the river runs beneath the building with easy access to it - we had to keep our eyes open and not fall in!

Here's a bit of history about the original owners of the mill A history of the Somerset wool and cashmere cloth manufacturer• Fox Brothers & Co

Found this website saying that several groups are hoping to raise enough money to restore this building Tone Mill - Integral

Outside of the building


It was a bit damp in there


Fantastic light and all sorts of fascinating old machinery


Safety data sheets


Samples on the shelves in the foreman's office


Upstairs we found something that looked like a loom


Cogs on a huge machine that took up most of the first room we found ourselves in


Scores - loved these little chalk boards stuck to many of the workstations


More machines




Singer sewing machine


Sanitorium roll of honour - I assume this was a joke and not a result of the toxic chemicals they probability used :) I enjoyed seeing a little bit of the personal side of the mill


Teasel machine, which i think is called a carding machine Carding - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I just found it amazing that such a natural product was attached to a machine like this


Close up of the teasel machine




We decided not to try the rest of the Tonedale mill complex this time round - too wet and not dark enough although it would have been easy enough to get in if we knew our way round a bit so we could find our way in the dark. Also, we were told there are some dye labs across the road from Tone Mill (seen some great pictures from 2011 on the forum) but the roof had collapsed in on the buildings making it impossible to get through the rafters, brambles and bricks to take a look - a real shame.