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Report - Tooronga Gasometer, Melbourne, Australia.


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I unfortunately don't have too much information on this location, tho' I shall share what I know.
The gasometer was built by the Gas & Fuel Corporation of Victoria which was established in 1951, incorporating several already established gas producing company's in Victoria.
The Gas & Fuel Corporation of Victoria was divided into several other companies in the late ninetie's,
the gasometer site has been sold off and partially demolished to make way for a Woolworths.

This one was a pretty boring explore, and my lack of interest in the site came out in the
fact that I hardly took any photo's, mainly as there wasn't alot left to photograph.
Anyway upon arriving and making my way through a rather small hole in the fence,
I noticed there was a hole big enough to walk through a meer 20 or so meter's away.
The underground chamber of the gasometer had been at some point converted into
an underground carpark, I'm unsure if it was ever used as a carpark tho'.
Walking down the ramp I noticed the chamber was three levels deep, with the 3rd level
inaccessible as it was hidden under about 4ft of water, the 1st and 2nd level were basically identical,
completely round, with parking bays running the whole distance, a staircase at either side and
not one piece of wall that hadn't been graffitied or painted on.

Anyway enjoy for now, I'll have some better explore's I'll be posting up soon.






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